1.75 Inch X 19 Inch Patch Panel with 3 FSP Series Sub-Panel Openings


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This self customizable 19 Inch Patch Panel system allows you to mix and match the various FSP Series Sub Panels. Available in flat black powder coat finish in a 1U (1.75″) version. 3 FSP Sub-panels can be snapped into place using push button grommet fasteners that allow for ease of installation or removal from the patch panel frame.

  • Heavy gauge steel and black powder coating provides durability
  • Pick and choose from our FSP Series Sub Panels, to create a customized rack panel with various connectors.
  • The steel frame makes it easy to swap out 3 individual Sub Panels or Cassettes
  • Test Labs
  • Network installation
  • Cable management
  • Premise Wiring

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Weight 1.25 lbs